Six of our Rotarians returned from an exciting 2 week trip to India in January 2017.
While in India, our Rotarians visited Bangalore, Several towns in Andra Pradesh and New Delhi.  They made many connections with Rotarians and other active philanthropists.  They also visited several health care and education facilities to see first hand how these facilities operate and what their current needs are.  The highlight of their trip was the connections made in Vizianagaram in Andra Pradesh.  They returned with a good understanding of how we can make a positive lasting impact on improving their health and education.  As a follow up from this trip, we were successful in getting a District Grant approved to work on 5 worthy projects with a positive impact on several hundred of people.
We are proud to be partnering with several Rotary clubs in India to impelement these projects:
1) Bangalore Birthing Network - Interventional study to determine outcomes from providing training and counseling to pregnant women on nutrition, proper hygiene, medical options and lactation counseling.  Benefits 700 to 1000 women per year.
2) Sampoorna - Provide education to teenage girls on proper feminine hygiene and one year supply of sanitary pads.  Benefits 200 girls per year
3) Kancherla Primary Municipal School - Remediate mold throughout the school.  Benefits 95 students in grades 1 through 6.
4) Kancherla Primary Municipal School - Provide vitamins and educational material to this severely under funded school.  Currently 30% of the students are anemic and rest  are marginal.  Benefits 95 students
5) Laxminagar High School - Provide a computer, projector and screen to leverage the already available digital content for teaching.  Benefits 300+ students.
We are looking forward to partnering with other clubs to pursue even more opportunities in the coming years.
For more information about these projects or any other information relating to India, please contact Ravi Kurumety  484-467-8823 (mobile)